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Message From The Principal

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you in advance to 2016 and our official school website. Over a hundred years of existence has made it a school of note in the area academically, culturally and on the sports field.

'Twini' as it is affectionately known, is a place where your child is welcomed into a family atmosphere and cared for as an individual. Parents are urged to be a part of the ‘team’, which is involved in preparing the child, not only for high school, but also for life.

We have a very favourable teacher/pupil ratio which has been maintained through the employment of additional teaching staff. In addition we also have Teacher Assistants in the Foundation phase, where extra attention is given, particularly to English second language learners.
Specialist Teachers are employed to assist with Library, Music and Swimming. We offer a wide variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, with qualified sport coaches to assist, where possible.

Many thousands of pupils have passed happily and successfully through ‘Twini’, with many excelling at high school, university and in their chosen careers. There is little doubt that your child can do the same. We hope to make a difference in all our learners’ lives, as they recognise that every individual is unique and accepted for who they are- no matter what differences they may have.


  • Self-disciplined
  • Self-reliant
  • To Meet The Current Demands Of Society And To
  • Prepare The Children For These Demands
  • To Develop The Knowledge, Skills And Values Which Prepare Children For The Demands Of The Future Whatever They May Be
  • Above All, To Develop Each Child Into A Whole Adult, Willing And Able To Face The Future


"Umbogintwini should be accepted by the community as a school of significance and value which provides quality in intra and extra mural education.


UMBOGINTWINI PRIMARY SCHOOL– a school with a proud history and a bright future!

UMBOGINTWINI PRIMARY SCHOOL was established on 01/08/1911

The school opened in a wood and iron building surrounded by bushes in Highbury Road, Umbogintwini with an enrolment of 20. Mr G. Bates (acting principal) was assisted by two teachers.

This is an excerpt from the Log Book written by H. Cecil Balance, Assistant Inspector of Schools , Coast:

“Umbogintwini Government School – Inspected August 16. This new school had 21 pupils on the roll, of whom 20 were present. The building which is on an excellent plan and well situated, is capable of holding many more children. New dwelling houses are being erected in the neighbourhood to accommodate families now living in town, and immigrants, presently to arrive. Everything points to a future steady increase in the numbers of the pupils.

The inspection showed that the school had begun its career auspiciously. Discipline was good, and work in reading, dictation, history, geography, clay modeling, sewing etc., was being carried out satisfactorily.”

The move to the present site, 9 Prince Street, was made in March 1941. Mr. Bjorseth, reportedly, made his truck available for the move which took five trips. The roll then stood at 53.

Throughout the past 101 years the school has seen a change in Headmasters /Principals 14 times.

Umbogintwini Primary Principals:

1911-1921 - W.G. Bates
1921-1930 - J.A. Fann
1931-1937 - C.J. Gibson
1937-1939 - R.W. Kethro
1940-1941 - W.L. Anderson
1941-1942 - J.K. Murray
1942-1957 - Z de B Stander
1958-1971 - A.C. Fearon
1972-1974 - J.N. Mc Millen
1975-1979 - T.A. Dighton
1980-1986 - C.J. Harris
1987-1988 - B.E.J. van Heerden
1989-1992 - L.G. Duffield
1993-2008 - Mrs. G.E. Carrick/McLeod
2009-present - Mrs. V Eustice

In 2016, building and extending, altered and improved our facilities to suit the changing needs of the school community, we have a well-equipped establishment comfortably accommodating over 400 learners(grade R-grade 7 and an LSEN class) and a teaching and non-teaching staff of 33.


Admission for 2017 opens end February 2016.


Application forms must be collected in person from the Admissions Secretary- Mrs. M. Fouche. (Please note that Incomplete Application forms will not be considered.)
Interviews for prospective families meeting all criteria for admission will be scheduled, as soon as your completed application form is handed in to Admissions.
If you have not had a response to your application within 4 weeks of submission of all necessary documents your application should be deemed as unsuccessful. The onus is on the parents to communicate with the school should you be in doubt.
All communication will be done via email.


Children living in the area will be given preference.

Grade R
Children turning 5 (before July) or 6 in the year of enrolment may apply. Younger children will only be considered if fewer than 48 have been accepted.

Grade 1
Children turning 7 in the year of enrolment or turning 6 before July may apply. Recommendations regarding School Readiness will be made by the Foundation Phase Head of Department.

Grade 2- 7
Age appropriate children will be accepted to fill vacancies.

Learners with Special Education Needs (L.S.E.N.)

These children are catered for in the LSEN class from the age of 7 years, if recommended by an Educational Psychologist or after approved diagnostic tests have been administered. Such status must be approved by the ESDSS (Psychological, Guidance and Specialised Education Services).


Rules are a part of life and help one to become self- disciplined as well as setting boundaries of behaviour. Below are the rules of our School which make clear our expectations.

1. Regular Attendance
Learners must attend school regularly.
Absences are to be supported by a note giving valid reasons signed by the parents/guardians. In cases of sustained absence or absence during a test, a doctor’s certificate must be submitted.
Learners may not leave the school premises during the day without the permission of the Principal or H.O.D. An early departure register must be signed at the office.
Notice of intention to remove a learner from school must be given in good time, in writing by the parents.

2. Neat Appearance
The official school uniform must be worn at all times between school and home and at all school functions unless specifically stated otherwise.
Name badges to be worn with the school uniform at all times.
Learners may not wear coloured vests or T-shirts which show outside their uniform.
No Jewelry, except gold/silver studs. Medic – alert tags may be worn.
When returning home after sports practice, learners may remain in the complete sport kit, including shoes/takkies or boots.
After Swimming learners walking or using public transport are to change into school uniform.
School bags and other property must be clearly marked.
The school uniform is to be worn properly and completely at all times when in the public eye e.g. shopping malls ,waiting outside school,on the bus/train etc.

3. Social Responsibilities
Learners are required to respect the Educators, one another and all property.
Learners must conform to the values of the school. These include respect for others, obedience a positive attitude and maximum effort at all times.
Abusive language or swearing will not be tolerated. Intimidation in any form is forbidden.
Learners always greet educators and visitors first.
All learners participate in the school curriculum, including physical education unless medically unfit. All learners are expected to involve themselves in some of the many school activities.
All property must be respected by the learners. Books and equipment on loan must be returned in good condition when called for. Any shortfall of damage is to be made good by parents/guardians.
The use and possession of alcohol, cigarettes, weapons (or replicas thereof) and drugs is not permitted. Pornographic material in any form is prohibited.
Cell phones may be brought to school, but must be handed in at the front office before going to class in the morning. All phones not handed in and found during the course of a school day will be confiscated. These will only be returned to parents at the end of each term, upon presentation of the box in which the phone was purchased. See Cell phone Policy.

4. Grounds/Buildings
These rules apply at any time when on school premises.

The following places are out of bounds unless supervised by an educator:

• Office and Sick Room.
• Hall
• Swimming Pool
• Classrooms & Verandahs
• Main Gates and Main Door
• Staff Room
• After Care Centre
• Jungle Gyms and Swings
• There is to be no playing on the banks
• The school buildings and grounds must be kept free of litter.
• Graffiti is completely unacceptable.
• Movement along the corridors must be in a quiet and orderly fashion.
• Rowdy Playing before school is not allowed. Talking in lines at line-up is permitted until the bell goes.

5. Home Study
Home study is expected of all learners.
In addition, daily homework, as prescribed by the school must be conscientiously done. A record of this to be kept for checking by both the school and parents/guardians.

6. Discipline( See policies)
The Discipline system is based on positive re- enforcement. The emphasis is on rewarding good behaviour to encourage development of self-discipline.

7. De-Merit System
If a learner breaks the rules after a warning has been given he/she will be given a demerit. Criteria are laid down in each grade. Two demerits for the same infringement will result in a detention at break. A learner who gets three break detentions is required to attend a detention on a week day afternoon. Detention letters are sent to parents timeously so as to allow them to make suitable transport arrangements. Learners will not be exempted from detentions. A learner who fails to attend a detention will be given two further detentions. Saturday detentions are also held monthly for serious transgressors.
Sms's are sent to all parents informing them of discipline letters that are sent home and need signing. Learners who get no demerits are rewarded by being allowed to wear civvies on designated Fridays each term. If a learner receives no demerits throughout the year he/she will be awarded a certificate and a special treat or outing at the end of the year.

8. Prefects and Monitors
Prefects and Monitors are available to assist educators on duty.



Children living in the area will be given preference.

Grade R
Children turning 5 (before July) or 6 in the year of enrolment may apply. Younger children will only be considered if fewer than 48 have been accepted.

The CAPS for Grade R is followed and additional staff are employed to suit the needs and number of children enrolled. Our excellent indoor and outdoor facilities and efficient, caring staff will ensure that your child has secure, happy preparatory year before “Big School”.

The Grade R uniform is worn in Grade R but must be worn in its entirety and correctly. The standard P.E kit, costume and cap are used throughout the year.

The wearing of the school uniform is compulsory in Grade R.

Grade 1
Children turning 7 in the year of enrolment or turning 6 before July may apply. Recommendations regarding School Readiness will be made by the Foundation Phase Head of Department.

An “Orientation Morning” is held for all prospective children and their parents during November. The children meet educators in the classrooms while the parents are addressed by the Principal and Foundation Phase Head of Department.

Extra educators and educator assistants are employed by the School Governing Body to allow for teaching in smaller groups in the Foundation Phase.

Grade 2- 7

Age appropriate children who have attended an English LOLT school, may be accepted to fill vacancies.

Learners with Special Education Needs (L.S.E.N.)
These children are catered for in the LSEN class from the age of 7 years if recommended by an Educational Psychologist or after approved diagnostic tests have been administered. Such status must be approved by the ESDSS. (Psychological, Guidance and Specialised Education Services).

Our large Media Centre has proved to be very effective in providing our pupils with the opportunity for individual research and to widen their reading in the Foundation, Intermediate and Senior Phases. The school is equipped with a wide variety of audio-visual teaching aids and a wide range of fiction and non-fiction reading matter.

1. Sport
The school has a large multi-purpose field, netball courts and a swimming pool.

We consider that sport plays a very important part in the overall education of our learners. Here they learn to work with a team so that they become more aware of their responsibilities to others. Above all, we teach the value of true sportsmanship and, to this, we provide a wide variety of games including mini-cricket, mini-tennis, cricket, swimming, soccer, netball, cross- country, rugby and athletics. The learners are coached by our educators and by outside coaches where necessary. Each team and extra-curricular programme is sent to the parents. Parents are encouraged to attend matches and at all times to uphold our values. We all like to win but, in preparation for life, we must learn to lose well too.

Co-curricular activities
Activities include: Computer, Chess, Quiz and Choir, Musical. We participate in Speech and Drama Festivals, Olympiads, Cami-Maths.

Homework is written down by each learner in a homework notebook. Parents are required to sign this notebook each day to indicate that homework has been completed and checked. Messages to the educator may be entered in the notebook and, from time to time, the educator will communicate with the parents the same way. Homework is also placed on the D6 Communicator- this is an essential communication tool that all parents are required to download.

Excursions and Outings
All classes go on outings during the year. The cost associated with excursions are not included in the annual school fees.

Drama and /or Music Productions
The learners experience this during school time. The cost of these productions is subsidized by the school. The productions are chosen as part of the teaching and learning programme.

School Fees
We are proud of our excellent facilities and highly qualified, motivated staff. In order to maintain the quality of both, it is essential that all school fees are paid timeously. School fees are set and reviewed annually by the School Governing Body and the budget is presented to the parents at a special budget meeting.

Method of Payment
Parents may pay:

• in full before the end of December-previous year( 10% discount)
• in full before the end of February( 5% discount)
• monthly in advance via debit order
• any other payment methods must be discussed with the Finance secretary and approved by the Governing Body.

The school bank account: Standard Bank, Amanzimtoti Branch Code-057 527; Account No: 051 538 792.
Please send the deposit slip to school with your child. This will be copied and returned to you for your records. Please ensure that you use the correct specific reference code so that funds can be allocated correctly.

Parents are jointly and severally responsible for school fee payments.

Incidental Funds
From time to time it may be necessary to send incidental monies to school to pay bus fares for outings, photo money etc. Such money must be sent to school in an envelope, sealed and clearly identified with your child’s name and class.

Group Insurance Scheme
Insurance, at a very low annual premium, to cover your child against accidents on school premises, while traveling to and from school and while engaged in school activities, is available from January each year. Should you already have paid the insurance premium for the current year at a previous school, it will automatically be transferred to us. A circular will be sent each January with the necessary details. Please ask for information from the office if you are interested in this.

Sick Room
Children who become ill during the school day are attended to by the Secretaries. As we do not have facilities to care for sick children for any length of time, parents will be required to collect their children and to ensure that proper medical care is provided. You are strongly advised not to send children who are obviously ill to school. Not only is it a disruption to the office routine but other children and the educators are placed at risk of being infected.

A note of explanation is required when the child returns to school. In terms of the Education Department Policy, the Principal is not entitled to grant permission for “long weekends” or extended holidays. However, allowances may be made for urgent medical appointments or for other valid reasons. A letter or telephone call would be of assistance in these cases. All letters sent to school should have the child’s name and class written at the top to facilitate filling.

1. Should the need ever arise, we will gladly pass any urgent messages on to your child/children.
2. You may communicate with your child’s educator through the homework notebook or via email .Notices from the school will also be sent to you in this way.
3. Should you wish to discuss anything with the Principal or an Educator, you are requested to make an appointment with the Secretaries (031 904 1248). Educators will not be available for appointments during school hours as they need to be in their classes teaching.
4. The School Newsletter is placed on the D6 as necessary.
5. Parent/Educator afternoon/evenings are organized regularly.
6. Parents receive written reports of learners’ academic and social progress at least twice a year. Parents are required to collect these reports in person from the class teachers and to discuss the child's progress . Parents who have school fee-payment/Account problems will be required to collect the school reports in person from the Finance Office. No reports will be withheld, but must be collected in person.
7. School cell:0829328733-for emergencies and if school lines are down.

Security: The School is monitored by CCTV
To assist us to maintain security to the best of our ability, you are requested to take note of the following:

1. Announce your presence at the office if your are visiting the school for any reason.
2. Do not enter the buildings at any place other than the main gate – there are dogs on the property!
3. Any package, packet etc. including the normal school bag, brought by or left for a child, must be clearly marked with the child’s name and class, and left at the office.
4. Both gates on Prince Street will be locked after school.
After Extra-mural activities, children must be fetched from the field across the road from the school buildings.
5. Please do not attempt to open the electronic sliding gates manually.
6. You are requested to ensure that clear, precise arrangements are made for your child to return home after school.
7. Any variation from your normal practice of fetching your child/children should be communicated to the class teacher via the homework book, or, in an emergency, to the secretaries at the office.
8. Any child still on school premises 20 minutes after school has closed, will be placed outside the school premises to wait for their transport.
9. The school’s responsibility to act in 'loco parentis' will end 20 minutes after school closes or r after any official sport’s practice or event.

Tuck Shop
There is a Tuck shop available. This is only open at second break for senior primary learners and stocks only sweets and chips etc. Cooldrinks will only be sold on a Friday.
Monday to Friday: A healthy packed lunch is essential: Fruit and a yoghurt for first break. Sandwiches for second break. No juice will be allowed at school this year- only water.
All pupils are expected to dress neatly in correct uniform for school and for extra mural activities. All belongings must be clearly marked with your child’s name. When a child misplaces an item of clothing, an attempt to find it is made only if it has been marked. Any items handed in to the office, which are not identified, are forwarded to the school swap shop for sale.

These are available from the school “Uniform Shop”. They are not to be purchased anywhere else . Hours are as follows:

Tuesday: 08h00 to 09h00
Thursday: 08h00 to 09h00
A number of items are available from the uniform shop.

Summer: Yellow golf shirt,green skorts,black shoes and short white socks folded once. Bottle green jersey or school tracksuit top. NO tracksuit pants to be worn in Summer Terms( Term 1 & 4)

Winter : As above. The whole tracksuit may be worn with the Golf Shirt underneath. The school ‘beanie’ and scarf is available from the Uniform Shop.

P.E.: Green quantec shorts and yellow school P.E.Shirt. White Takkies

Swimming: Black regulation costume and house colour silicone swimming cap. The wearing of the cap is compulsory. Regulation green ‘baggies’ may be worn by the Grade 6 & 7 learners only, for swimming. These may be ordered through the office.


Summer: Yellow golf shirt,green shorts ,black shoes and grey socks with the school stripe. Bottle Green V- necked jersey school tracksuit top. NO tracksuit pants to be worn in Summer Terms( Term 1 & 4)
Winter: As above.
The whole tracksuit may be worn with the Golf shirt underneath
The school ‘beanie’ and scarf is available from the Uniform Shop.
P.E.: Green quantec shorts and the official 'house' school P.E. shirt. White takkies.
Swimming: Plain black swimming trunks.
The wearing of the cap is compulsory. It can be purchased at the Uniform Shop. Regulation green ‘baggies’ may be ordered through the uniform shop.
v Hair:

Girls: Long hair must be tied back from the face. Hair should be kept clean and close to the head. Accessories (head bands, ribbons, and bobbles) in black, green or yellow. No dyed hair! No dyed or coloured extensions!

Boys: No elaborate hairstyles. Hair should be neat and off the collar, ears and eyebrows. No shaved patterns are acceptable.

High School
An orientation visit to Kingsway and Amanzimtoti High School takes place during the Grade 7 year, which makes transition to High School easier. Please note that the two local High Schools are not able to accommodate all the learners from the five Primary Schools. Learners who live in the area accepted first and the rest of the spaces are filled on merit.

Extra Mural Activities

Apart from the excellent academic standards provided at UPS we provide a host of extra mural activities to ensure your child not only has a healthy mind, but a healthy body as well.

team img


Athletics season is during the third term. Heats are held in each age group for track and field events in each House and House and House Teams are chosen. Track and field training as well as fitness training takes place during the school day. Inter house Athletics takes place on a Friday or Saturday morning at school. Trophies and medals are awarded to those who excel The school Athletics team is chosen from the inter house meeting. These athletes are trained for the inter school Athletics meeting. This takes place towards the end of the third term.

team img


Basic cricket skills are taught to all Junior Primary boys during their co-curricular programme. Mini Cricket training takes place on designated Saturdays as well, during the 2nd and third terms. The Juniors play mini cricket on Saturdays at Hutchinson Park during the first and fourth terms and are always enjoyed by the learners and their parents.

team img


Soccer is a popular sport amongst our learners. Both Girls and Boys soccer is offered. We play mini soccer in the Foundation Phase with teams in each grade. We have an under 11 and under 13 boys team and an U13 girl’s team. Our school plays matches against the local schools in two tournaments held in the third team.

team img


This is played in term one by Junior primary girls .

team img


Our learners thoroughly enjoy their swimming lessons during the summer months. These are done during the school day and learners have at least an hour a week in which to improve their swimming. We employ the services of competent swimming coaches who have helped develop our swimmers strokes and technique

team img


Chess is offered at our school from Grade 2 to Grade 7. It is played at break as well as during co-curricular hour during school time throughout the year. In the second term it will be offered as an extra-curricular activity after school to the Senior Primary children where they will have the chance to hone their chess skills. There are four tournaments a year which will be hosted by Twini this year.There are six schools involved in the tournaments and they are Amanzimtoti Primary, Kuswag, Doonheights, Athlone Park, Warner Beach and of course Umbogintwini. The tournaments are played on a round robin system where each school gets a chance to play against the other schools. The Junior Primary children are also given the chance to participate in the tournaments.

team img


The Cross- Country season normally starts off with our Inter- House Cross Country Run. Learners who achieve a top 6 placing in each age group are selected to participate in the Inter school Cross Country Runs. Our learners have immense fun at the cross-country events. They also produce some outstanding results.

team img


Our learners traditionally love music and have inherent rhythymical and musical talent. They are given the opportunity to refine these talents during the school day. We have a Junior Choir consisting of Grade 2 and Grade 3 learners and a Senior choir consisting of Grade 4 to Grade 7 learners.

team img


Netball is a popular 2nd term sport amongst our girls. We have teams ranging from Under 8 to Under 13. Practices are held during the school day and differ per age group. Thursdays are generally reserved for friendly matches against the other schools in the area. We are also fortunate that our committed staff have been brave enough to attend various Netball courses including the Level 1/ 2 Coaching Clinic and Grading.

Our Gallery

We love showing off our shining stars. Below are our students participating in the various activities on offer at our school

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Eco School

Gold award

The staff and learners have worked hard over the past few years to achieve our Gold Certificate. Eco-Schools aim to empower students to be the change our sustainable world needs by engaging them in fun, action-orientated learning. Each school follows a seven step change process and empowers their children to lead processes and actions whenever they can.

This programme has taught our learners to be 'Eco-minded' from a very young age so they are able to preserve our Environment.

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